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Get best LED lighting products for your home

by mariya01

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I recently caught up with Seth Chandlee of Chandlee and Sons Construction Company to talk with him about the use of LED lighting in today’s construction environment. We discussed the use of this product in commercial applications. Now everyone has heard of LED lighting (light-emitting diode) and most of us have the products in our own homes and businesses.

LED lighting is more complicated and has more applications than I ever imagined as I learned from Seth. As a general commercial contractor, he must know a lot more about electrical devices and their uses in order to provide his clients the appropriate device for their particular project. As they are often recommended by architects and engineers, it is crucial that the contractor know as much as possible about which LED light is best for each application.

LED lighting is recommended because it emits more light per watt and are available in every color of the rainbow. These devices are very small so they easily attach to circuit boards opening up amazing applications! LED’s light up very quickly and are perfect for uses subject to frequent on-off cycling. They easily dim and radiate little heat so they cannot damage objects like fabric. LED’s do not abruptly fail and they have 35,000 to 50,000 hours of useful life which greatly reduces maintenance costs. They are difficult to damage and can be designed to focus their intense light in a particular direction.

Seth uses LED lighting because of every advantage listed above making them an exciting product with limitless uses. For example, Seth recently recommended and installed over 260 LED lights to replace incandescent bulbs from overhead fixtures inside a 90,000 square foot warehouse because they last so long. This application saved the owners a lot of time replacing bulbs and interrupting work flow.

He has used LED’s to back light counter tops, custom displays and signage, as well as in down light fixtures taking ambient lighting to a whole new level. They are even available in wallpaper that makes painting your wall unnecessary! You will experience LED lighting that cycles on and off in your favorite grocery store as you walk down the frozen foods isle -these lights cut on and off as you pass by. LED’s are perfect for retail applications to highlight particular objects without the light spreading out into surrounding spaces.

Lighting is the number one application used today to create and enhance every type of environment and LED lighting offers the most exciting way to accomplish this. LED lighting is the perfect product for a dentist’s office, a massage room in a spa, or on an outside deck of your favorite restaurant. These tiny, colorful, directed components are often placed on the top of columns ‘hiding’ the source of their light while offering a wonderful glow that enhances your experience. LED lights are used today in small applications, massive projects and every conceivable configuration-the use of this product is only limited by our imagination!

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