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How to Raise Funds for your Not-for-Profit Organization

by halabolteam

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Raising funds is an essential part of successfully running a Not-for-Profit or Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). As a matter of fact, the funds you are able to raise are often the deciding factor for the success rate of the project that you may have taken up for social good.

Raising funds for social good is often a controversial issue since many projects remain incomplete because of the lack of funding. Whether you intend to get your petitions passed by the Supreme Court of India or intend to build a shelter for abandoned girls, here are some recommended steps to consider while raising funds –

First, you need to decide what your organization intends to achieve from the campaign.

After arriving on a functional goal, your team needs to understand how they intend to create the capacity to design the campaign and mage it correctly.

Start by developing an effective communication strategy which can be aimed at socially conscious organizations, their stakeholders and even the general public.

Find ways to mobilize your target audience towards acting upon your expectations

Make sure you are managing the campaign tactfully in a way that the monetary benefits continue to come in even after the campaign is formally complete.

As a part of the ongoing goals that you have set for your not-for-profit organizations, you need to reflect on the following –

What the financial sustainability goals of your organization?

Has your organization been able to actively find ways to differential itself from other petitions or causes?

Has your organization been able to create a clear image?

If it has, how can your campaign further advance this effort with an aim to bring in more financial support?

If you plan on diversifying your model to incorporate individual donors as well, are your current strategies relevant?

Furthermore, there are high chances that your organization does not have a limitless capacity. In such a situation, does your organization have the capacity to offer the requisite amount of attention required to build and develop more relationships with potential supporters, create a clearer image and attract more resources?

Also, chances are that your cause will not be the only ongoing campaign that is working to draw supporter attention in India. To be able to achieve your organizational goals, consider whether or not now is the right time to run the campaign, considering other ongoing campaigns in India. What advantages is your campaign offering in comparison to the others? Are you able to draw special attention to these advantages? Why should a potential supported pick your cause over another?

Raising funds for your NGO is as challenging as marketing a product or service. Getting proactive is the key to staying ahead of the game and driving your noble cause to success!


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