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Exhibitions Participation for New Product Launching Company

by anonymous

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Companies in Dubai that offer services of advertisement should be chosen after giving due consideration. The decision is however taken by the top management of the organization but this decision should only be taken after taking into account all the relevant factors.  Where the advertisement mode is print media the advertisement to be appeared affect the effects it would fetch. For example if the advertisement is required for the edition of the newspaper on a day that is a public holiday, the cost of the advertisement would be high. Similarly, when the newspaper advertisement is in the edition of weekdays the costs of the advertisement is lower. This depends upon the intention and the desired results the company needs to achieve from advertisement.


For contacting Exhibition Stand Design Dubai Companies, have many platforms. Such platforms are a source of interaction between the advertising agencies and companies and the general public. Since the company top level executives who are assigned with the duty of overseeing the performance of the company are also invited in such interaction they can choose the advertising company on their own. Such interaction may take place in an event or an exhibition conducted for the said purpose.


Events & Exhibitions are conducted frequently in Dubai city. Loads of companies all over the world come to Dubai for the purpose of attending such events. Local Exhibition Companies also take active participation in these exhibitions. The purpose of conducting such events and exhibitions is to attract foreign investments of the large investors. The people around the world who have large sums of money and needs to be invested find it an attractive way to invest in companies. These investors meet the representative of companies in these events. They get to know about the services it offer the products it manufactures and the operating vision of different companies.


Companies need regular growth in their revenues year by year. Increase in revenue can be attributed to an increase in the sales. Increase in sales can be achieved by selling out more in the current year as compared to the last year. Increased revenue can be a sum of two things. First one, as just mentioned, is the increase in sales of the number of items. The second one is due to increase in the selling price of an item. To increase the number of selling items one need to consider the options available for marketing and advertising the product. The advertisement options available for a company are many and among those one option is to participate in the events and the exhibitions. The participation only requires small sum of investment in the form of getting a stand to be placed in the exhibition. The stand would cost you one time if you purchase the same. Other costs include the participation fee and the cost of samples and free prizes offered to the attendees of the event. The representatives to be deployed at the exhibition are mostly the employees of the company. They are paid some extra wages for the period of time they serve at the exhibition. In extremely rare circumstances, some extra people can be hired who might be specialists or experts and paid accordingly.