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Top 7 things to do in Egypt at night

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Egypt is one of the greatest holiday destinations in the world and draws tourists in mammoth numbers every year. Its popularity refuses to die, with the pyramids getting more and more exciting with each passing day. Just like a wine gets better with age, it seems like these pyramids too are getting more and more enigmatic with the passage of time. But the country is not just about pyramids or the sphinx or the Nile! There are plenty of Egypt tourist attractions and some of them are centered on the night time. So, even after the sun switches itself off, you can continue your journey of excitement and bliss.

Here are some of the favorite things to do in Egypt at night:

  1. Shopping: If you are spending your whole mornings and afternoons in sightseeing, then you can choose the night for exploring the shops. The country has some fascinating local markets which are epitomes of traditions. The famous bazaars of Cairo are must-visit for everyone. It is not just the lure of the souvenir which would pull you to these places. It is also about the silent culture which resides at these corners.
  2. Dinner cruise on Nile: Most tours for Egypt feature a cruise on the Nile. And the star-lit nighttime is surely the perfect time for exploring the beauty of this river. It is the longest river in the world and one of the most charismatic ones. Taking a dinner on a ship or dahabeya over this river will be an experience which would be hard to shove out of the memories.
  3. Watch belly dancing: Egyptian culture is extremely famous for its traditional belly dance form. It is an art which has literally hypnotized the entire world. Cairo’s restaurants and theatres have some of the best belly dancers in the world. It would be a treat to the eye to watch a live performance.
  4. Evening show at the pyramids: While it is fascinating to stand beside the pyramids under the afternoon sun with the parched desert at the backdrop, it is equally alluring to witness the light and sound show organized every evening. The pyramids are the top Egypt tourist attractions. So, it makes sense to know a bit about their history in this fascinating show.
  5. Dancing: There are some renowned dance clubs in Cairo. If you love to party at night and burn the dance floor with your electrical moves, then these places would play the happy host. Some notable ones include ‘Cairo Jazz Club’ and ‘After Eight’.
  6. Drinking: If you love your share of wine and your fill of whisky, then there are some bars waiting for your footsteps. Places like Pub 38 and La Bodega are definitely must-visit bars for sipping the sinful liquors and for soaking in the trendy ambience.
  7. Music: If you are a music buff, then make sure to head to some music festivals. Places like the Cairo Opera House and Arabic Music Institute are incredible venues which host shows in the evening. You can thus add some soulful melody to your tours for Egypt.

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