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A brief note about the most popular name is Cigarettes

by vernondavid89

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Cigarettes are one of the most familiar names in the entire world. The word is derived from the original Spanish and Portuguese word “cigarro”. Cigarette is actually a paper made roll which contains tobacco leaves. Once it is lit the tobacco leaves burn and creates the smoke. The cigarette takers inhale the smoke from the other side by holding it in the mouth. Cigarettes are different from cigars according to the size. Cigarettes are little smaller than cigars. Cigarettes are generally made of tobacco leaves but instead of tobacco other herbs can also be used as the base of the paper roll. Though smoking cigarettes is started from the 9th century in the Central America, but it is widely spread throughout the world from the mid 20th century.

Online shopping is the easiest and fastest way of shopping. Whatever product a person wants can be ordered online at the websites. Cigarettes can also be ordered online. In many stores, one can get cheap cigarettes online. The products are generally delivered within seven working days. Cigars are slightly bigger in size than the normal cigarettes. Cheap cigars are also available in the online stores. The price of cigarettes varies from place to place and quality mainly. If the currency is supposed to be USD then the price of the per twenty packs starts from minimum three to four USD. The pack of cigarettes price varies from place, quality, stores etc. Expensive cigarettes can be found in perfumes stores. 

Inhaling tobacco is not at all good for health. The blend of the tobacco leaves contains nicotine which causes addiction for cigarettes. And inhaling cigarettes in great amount can cause several diseases including lung cancer. Cheap cigars can cause fatal disease which can reduce an average year of fourteen of one’s life. The passive smoking is also dangerous for one’s health. When a person is not smoking directly, but inhaling the smoke left by another who is smoking is called passive smoker. A woman who is pregnant should not inhale smoke as it can damage her baby physically or mentally. Burnt cigarettes can cause severe fire explosion in any place.

For the severe ill effects of cigarettes the governments of several countries have become aware of it. In most of the countries selling of cigarettes under the age of eighteen is strictly prohibited. Filtering of the tobacco to reduce its ill effect to the most has been increased a lot. Using of other herbs instead of tobacco is introduced. People who are addicted to cigarettes can use the tobacco candies which do not have the bad effect of tobacco but have the same flavor. Taxation on the cigarettes is introduced to make people not to take cigarettes in greater quantity. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is responsible for the addiction of cigarettes. And if one becomes addicted to it then it can affect the health. So it is better to be aware of it before making it a habit for the sake of the safe life of the consumer and as well as his/her surrounded people.

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