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Pixpa: Get Your Portfolio Website Live in a Few Hours

by pixpadesign

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You might be a great designer or a great photographer, which does not mean that you will be a great web designer and developer. And you also know the importance of using a portfolio as a designer and a photographer, inorder to showcase your talents and skills to the rest of the world. But if you do not have the web development and web designing skills, how do you expect to showcase your items to the world?

Many people will answer that they will hire a professional website designer and will make them do that. Here are some of the questions that you may ask yourself before hiring a professional web designer.

• Are the prices that you are paying really worth it?
• Is it that easy to find a professional designer
• Does the costing of hiring a professional designer stay in your budget
• How easily can you keep in touch with the designer?
• What are the supports that you will get in the future?
• Will you be able to customize the design if you want to
• Will the designer be able to bring in the design that is in your mind?

Well, when you choose a specialized service like Pixpa, you really do not need to ask too many questions. The prices that you will be paying is too minimal and you will be able to have your portfolio within hours. Let me tell you how this actually works. In Pixpa, you already have a portfolio website designed for you. Oh, wait. Let me tell you in a broader sense. In Pixpa, there are hundreds of portfolio templates designed for you and you are free to choose whatever you want. By choosing the template of your choice, you will start editing it, like changing the logos and the contents. You will be able to do anything with your portfolio and come up with a website that looks like that they have been designed by a professional. And the best part? You do not necessarily need to have any knowledge about coding.

The support in Pixpa is great, if you have any problem, they have a great forum from where you can always get expert advice and the tech support in Pixpa is also very prompt with their replies.

For hiring a professional web designer, you had to pay him an amount close to four figures in US dollars and also had to pay him every time you needed a modification. Prices at Pixpa starts lower than $10 and you can get unlimited support you want. Add to that, you get a fifteen day trial period before you start liking their great services.

Pixpa is very easy to use and you can update your elements live and in real time, without the use of those complicated FTP servers. The designers who have designed the templates have years of experience and are the best in their class and the websites created by Pixpa are extremely search friendly.

So what are you waiting for? Start you free trial and get your website live in hours.

Pixpa is an online platform that helps you to create awesome portfolio webiste in order to showcase, share and sell your photography work.

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