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Credit cards for students

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Credit cards for students


It is a daily demand for every students. Without this a colossus of knowledge  can't think a single moment because for study you must purchase book and do research on net. Though you can give it by cash but the world is moving on. everyone in this world use this thing .why Not a student ?


In this article you'll know about the Credit cards for students in details.How to apply this for students? or what is the offer of Credit cards for students. Various kind of knowledge about  the Credit cards for students.It’ll help you a lot in your future.everything is discussed in this article


Why Credit cards for students,Why?Bank give for Credit cards for students. They offer Credit cards for students because The students are using this very frequently as they don't move with a lot of cash. Thats why the more they use this, the more Bank get money .Either from the Student or from the clients Nominee or their gurdian.


Why for students?It will help a student to think how to earn and how to spend? Credit cards for students will teach a student to lead a Planful life. Student can make a credit history and they'll get a credit score by the time of their graduation. Credit cards for students will also learn them to feed by mouth.In one word people can see its future very shortly but it has a huge and vast project in our society.


How to choose Credit cards for students ?Student Must Choose which gives maximum rewards with cash return credit card, a card with a advertising interest rate.


Student must know about the cost.what are the cost of Credit cards for students? Every student must know this for their own help.the Cost are: Interest Rate, Annual Fee, Late fee, Over-The-Limit Fee.


A student credit card can help teen start spending, but now there's another option-the PayPal Student Account. A Student Account limits teen spending to the balance on the account, and full account transparency offers parents peace of mind.

Annual Percentage Rate


Some student credit card providers will not charge any interest for the first few months. After an introductory period the APR varies according to your credit history. The APR spread among the student credit cards that we reviewed goes from 11.15 to 21.99 percent for students with excellent credit. Is this not an astonishing spread? It is a good thing that you are researching the right credit card for college students. This is a test that will cost you if you fail.



As long as you are not being enticed into borrowing more money than necessary, rewards in the form of cash or redeemable points are wonderful. And if you pay off your credit card within the monthly grace period, then you are actually better off than if you made your purchases with cash. Some cards give you cash back on each purchase. Usually it is 1 percent. But sometimes it is 2 percent or even 5 percent if you are able to follow all of the fine print about when and where and under what circumstances the rewards accrue. One card provider gives a 5-percent cash back bonus (limited to $1,500 in purchases) on a strict rotation: If you use the card for gas in the winter you get the bonus but the bonus doesn’t apply in the summer.



You can usually choose whether the cash is deposited into your bank account or credited to your card account. There are also options to donate rewards to charity. The more complicated rewards are in the form of points that you then redeem at certain sites that your card provider partners with. Sometimes the reward is that you can purchase a gift card for 90 percent of the face value. Other times you will select items from a catalog according to the points you’ve collected. Some vendors force you into a situation where you must call and discover what the points are worth on any particular day because the values fluctuate.



After you have considered the most important feature of a credit card for students, APR, then it is time to consider other features such as travel assistance, extended warranty protection, travel and rental auto insurance and protection from fraud liability.


All of the student credit cards that we reviewed charge a late payment fee of up to $35. Some of them will raise your APR if you fail to meet payment deadlines. If you plan to spend the summer in an art institute in Florence or at a Shakespeare workshop in London, find out whether the student credit card that you are considering charges extra for purchases made abroad. Most, but not all, charge 3 percent for the privilege of buying something outside of the United States.


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I am an ordinary student.And I very simple but very much helpful.I got some problems for choosing the right student card.That's why i gave suggetion to the other students so that they will not get on my situation. For more questions and solutions Visit for various types of loans and insurance.

Thank you.



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