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Signs of water damage to hardwood flooring Charleston SC

by JonesRichard

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Like every other important investment; a hardwood floor should be protected from anything that can damage it. A hardwood floor adds value to a house in addition to making it more comfortable. However; these benefits can be lost if you don't take good care of your hardwood floor.


Although hardwood floors Charleston SC are hardwearing and durable; they are susceptible to water damage. Perhaps the worst enemy to hardwood flooring Charleston SC is moisture. Wood floors are naturally susceptible to moisture damage because they are made from wood - a natural organic material that can absorb and retain moisture. Artificial flooringmaterials like ceramic tiles don't face the same problem. The best way to deal with water damage to hardwood floorsis to prevent it from happening in the first place and taking quick action when the first signs of damage are spotted.


A number of signs should alert you to ongoing water damage. One of them is staining. Stains should not cause too much alarm though because they can be cleaned off easily. However; when you see a stain somewhere on the floor; it is a sign that something is leaking around that area; maybe a pipe; faucet or flowerpot; and which you thus need to have a look at. Stains are early warning signals that you shouldn't ignore. You can remove stains that you notice early and restore the flooring Charleston SC to its original state.


Another sign of water damage to hardwood floor Charleston SC is the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew grow in very damp places and so when you see them you can immediately tell that there is plenty of moisture in that area. Like stains; molds and mildews can be cleaned off if they haven't penetrated too deep into the wood. You may have to replace some panels though if the mold has already eaten too much into them. If ignored; molds will lead to decay.


Hardwood floorsthat have absorbed a lot of moisture tend to become uneven. Cupping is when planks sink around the middle area while their edges turn upwards. The opposite of cupping is crowning whereby the middle of a panel buckles upwards and the ends bend downwards. When you see this happening to your floor; it shows that there is a lot of moisture coming from beneath the floor or from the surface. Cupping or crowning happens because the planks have absorbed water unevenly. Eventually; the planks may come apart completely if the problem continues.


Warped flooringpresents more of a challenge than stains and molds because the planks suffer more damage. Sometimes; the floor can regain its original form if the moisture is eliminated and the panels left to dry. Sanding and polishing will be required to renew the shine. If however the damage is too extensive the flooringwill have to be replaced since it cannot be restored.


Replacing hardwood floors Charleston SC is expensive and time-consuming so it's better to prevent damage from happening in the first place by staying vigilant for early signs of water damage.



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