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Tips On Choosing Dog Trainer in New York City

by annadamaris

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Finding the right dog trainer in New York City can be a complicated process. Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, so you have to know what you're looking for. This article will cover some of the basics so that you can make the best decision for you and your dog.


The first tool in your search is going to be a referral. Many dog trainers in New York City advertise their services, but the best way to know that a person is qualified is if you've been directed to them by one of their previous customers. This is because there is no certification for dog trainers in New York City or in any of the 50 states.


Vets often serve as a source of referrals but remember that vets don't have any experience in training. If your vet gives you a name, make sure to ask if they are familiar with the trainer's work directly. The second way to hear about dog trainers is by word of mouth. Be especially careful with this method. There are a number of different philosophies behind dog obedience training, including many hurtful methods. Make sure to stay away from trainers who call dogs spiteful or defiant, or in other ways seem they may mistreat your dog. When evaluating trainers, you should look to their education and experience. Remember that there aren't many dog training programs in New York. Many learn through apprenticeships, volunteer shelter work and practical experience.


The next choice is to decide if you're going to take a class, get private lessons, or even do a Board and Train program. If you take a class, you have to commit to a certain time. But there can be a number of benefits. First, your dog learns to focus on you, instead of other dogs. Second, many classes focus on the basics like dog house training. Lastly, they tend to be cheaper. Private lessons are more expensive, but they also allow for more flexibility in scheduling, and they can allow you to focus on a specific type of training or dog behavior counseling. This can be a better option for nervous or shy dogs. The last option is to have your boarder train your dog during his or her stay. That is often the most expensive option, and doesn't help you learn the commands or how to interact with your dog. But many New Yorkers have constricted schedules, so Board and Train programs can be the best option for dog obedience training in NYC.


Most good trainers allow you to take one or two test classes before requiring you to pay. During a test class, you should be seeing how both you and your dog interact with the trainer. All teachers are nurturing, and nothing should be happening in an average class to make humans or dogs unhappy or afraid. Classes should be split up by size and age. Don't hire a trainer who lets larger dogs run the smaller ones around. There are often puppy specific classes that help teach puppies house training and proper manners, and they should be split up by size as well. This is also a chance to evaluate the trainer if you're looking for a trainer that specializes in dog behavior counseling.


A small aside on behaviorists, there is a certification for being a dog behaviorist which requires a PhD or a DVM with at least a two-year university approved residency in behavior and three years of practice in applied animal behavior.


So, whether you're looking to remind your dog of the house training rules, or bring up a new puppy in house training, or even looking to correct a behavior problem, now you'll have the tools to find just the right trainer.

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