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How to Use Best Cheap Shipping Rates around the World

by Jameshorncastle

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Cheap shipping is not hard to find, but making a choice over the service provider can be confusing. Since there are so many couriers providing cheap shipping, people often end up paying more than what they should. On top of that, each courier provides multiple cheap shipping options or packages, making things more confusing. To add to the confusion, there are many places where a shipping process can go wrong on the sender’s or receiver’s side and you suddenly come to realize that your cheap shipping has just become luxury class. This article details the easiest ways to compare and decide between packages offering cheap shipping rates, and also how to avoid being penalized with additional costs.

Where can cheap shipping go wrong on the part of the customer?

This is one of the most vital parts to understand, rather than blaming courier companies to no avail. The following need to be taken care of properly to ensure that shipping truly remains cheap:

  • Package your parcel properly: lack of weatherproof and shockproof packing can damage the contents, and your shipping can become costly, because it fails to deliver the contents undamaged - in spite of parcel delivery being on schedule.

  • Fill in accurate addresses and phone numbers: Many times, even a spelling error can incur huge extra costs due to company policy of sending back the parcel in case of wrong address, and charging the consignor at regular rates for return freight.

  • Fill in the phone number of the person who would receive and also inform the receiver: This works both during collection and delivery. Couriers can offer cheap shipping only if the entire process is optimized on part of the service consumer. A missed visit, where the courier service shows up, but there is nobody present to complete either collection or delivery can incur penalties and extra costs that are quite high.

How to avail the best cheap shipping offers:

This one has become quite easy nowadays, as long as you don’t go courier shopping personally and deal through intermediaries like Intermediaries continuously keep up with the best offers and savings and try to pass them on to their customers. They also provide direct link to partner couriers from their websites to compare all packages in one place. Some intermediaries also have pricing comparison and feature comparison software where you can compare packages of one company against another, - a facility that is not provided by direct service providers. Well FedEx is hardly going to put up software on their own website that allows you to compare their products with that of DHL, UPS or other service providers. No direct service provider would, but intermediaries like will. That’s the easiest method to find and use the best shipping rates – use intermediaries.

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