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How to Hire an Escort without Worry or Embarressment?

by NatashaBanks

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In this time of economic difficulty, it seems strange to see the government advising so many people to start up their own businesses. Whether it’s a run of the mill greasy spoon or a luxury London escort agency, the risks of putting so much money into a new investment at this point are terrifying. Yet, the official line seems to be that, if times are hard, create your own job. Is this just another piece of Whitehall spin or is it really the solution to the nation’s problems

Well, there is definitely a range of markets that still have niches to fill. Those savvy enough to recognise them could make a killing by investing in the right ideas. A great example is Graze, a company selling a luxury food box in the middle of a recession. It sounds like a disaster, something that would crash and burn in months. And yet, it has flourished, going from to a rarity to a ubiquitous symbol of middle class lunching. The plain brown cardboard boxes seem to be everywhere, filled with delicious little goodies. Why? Because there was definitely a gap in the market for the product. It rode off the success of a number of recent food crazes and combined them into something that few could compete with. Clever marketing and offers sent things through the roof: relying on word of mouth advertising to help things spread like wildfire.

Graze certainly was an exceptional case. It was the result of a variety of factors coming together all at once, in a way that’s almost impossible to replicate. But there are lessons that can be learnt. Every escort agency and customer service professional should take note of the way that Graze spread its message and established a firm fan base without the need for overly expensive advertising. By introducing an incentive system for both newcomers and the people that recommended them, they were able to create a self sustaining system of recommendation and renewal that allowed them to blossom into a thriving business in a very short period of time.

So, if you’re smart and insightful enough, there is definitely the opportunity to start a business in this tough times. The issue is funding. Very few private investors are going into the startup market at the moment. In a time of prudence, no one can afford to take the extreme risks of pumping money into a company with little security. The banks are certainly not lending at the moment. Despite being given incentives to do so, they seem determined to hoard all their cash. Without their support it seems likely that this grass roots revolution will be trampled under the boots of greed and austerity.


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Natasha Banks is a freelance journalist who has contributed to various magazines, newspapers and websites. In her spare time she enjoys dancing and socialising and is always networking. She is the author of this article on <a href="">Best London Escort Agency</a>. For more information visit <a href="">Best Escorts London</a> .

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