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White Picket Fences and the American Dream

by anonymous

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Nothing is more charming than a picket fence. It bespeaks the quintessential American dream – a modest home to call your own, tidiness, peace, and an idyllic country setting. All that is missing is the weeping willow tree and rope swing hanging from its branches. If you are considering installing a picket fence in Naples, it may interest you to know a little bit more about the history and installation of this particular type of fence.  

Picket fences have been popular in the U.S. since the colonial era and evolved from the medieval paling made of flat boards or round wooden stakes. During the early days of America, a white picket fence made of cedar indicated a certain level of affluence, as the materials had to be brought in from far away. As time went on, however, the white picket fence became less of a symbol of wealth and more a symbol of modest self-sufficiency, the fence of the ideal American Everyman. It is still common to see a picket fence in Naples, Florida and across the world, particularly in the English-speaking world. In addition to the symbolism behind it, the picket fence is a practical boundary marker, keeping pets and children safe, but it is also attractive and doesn’t block the view to or from a home. While picket fences are traditionally made with white painted cedar, today, polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is the most popular building material for picket fences. Most PVC comes with a limited lifetime warranty and does not rot or require repainting. In essence, it combines the idyllic pastoral life with today’s whirlwind, industrialized society.  

A picket fence in Naples is usually 36 to 48 inches tall, and has two horizontal boards attached to the top and bottom of the fence. Vertical boards are evenly placed along these two horizontal ones. Picket fences are distinguished by the pointed tops of the vertical boards. These pointed tops are called pickets, named after the pointed palisades used in early warfare to keep cavalry at bay.  

When you install a picket fence in Naples, you will first install the posts. This is done by digging a large hole, about 36 in x 12 in. You can do this manually or with an auger. You will then pour concrete into the holes and set the posts in the concrete to stabilize them. This is the most complicated and lengthy portion of the installation. When the concrete has dried, you can install the horizontal pieces and then affix the pickets. You may also choose to install a gate in your fence. If all this sounds complicated, there are many fencing companies who can perform the installation efficiently and properly. But whether you install it yourself or have professionals do it, nothing could be more charming, more idyllic, and more American than a white picket fence around your Naples home.  

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