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What is Customer Service?

by mrstheissen

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Just like a writer has to consider different aspects of essay structure, a business person also has to take note of the different aspect of his business structure. One of the most important aspects of a business structure is customer service. Perhaps you have already heard about this term but do not really fully understand how customer service works. This article will provide a glimpse into the world of customer service, answering questions like: What is customer service? Why is it needed in a business operation?

Customer service is the act or process of providing service to customers before, during and after a purchase of a product or a service. It a series of activities that are done to make customers feel satisfied with the product or service they availed of. Customer service is also intended to make customers feel that their expectations of the product or service are fully filled. Customer service allows a business entity to build a good relationship with customers. Having a good relationship with customers would bring back not just more revenues but also a long-time security for the existence of the business. Good customer service is a backbone of a strong business structure, just like a good introduction is essential for a viable essay structure.
Customer service is not just about making customers purchase a certain product or service. It is also about bringing customers back for another round of purchases. A business needs to satisfy its customers so that they would be enticed to come back. Customer service allows a business to create a good impression among its customers, who usually would do a repeat deal or convince others to try the product or service themselves. Customer tends to become loyal with a certain product or service if they are satisfied with it. Having a good customer service is like having a good essay structure – it speaks about the overall quality of the business and in the end translates to more profit.
Many customers choose a business to deal with based on the customer service that the entity offers. These customers typically want a business who is not just interested in selling its products or services, but also in them. Typically, when a product breaks down, a customer would often try to deal with it by contacting the business that sold it. If the business has no customer service to handle such cases or complaints, it faces a backlash among its consumer base. In the end, no one may avail of its products anymore.
Business managing is just like academic writing – it is the end user who will assess whether the quality of the product or service is something to come back for.
Manuela Theissen is a CRM specialist at a medium-sized firm based in London. She has been managing customer relations in his firm for five years.

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