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Windows Vista boot process freezes at CRCDISK.SYS

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The biggest disadvantage of halting of Windows boot process is inaccessibility of data saved in the hard drive. Booting can halt at any stage, for example while accessing CRCDISK.SYS. A CRCDISK.SYS is a disk block verification filter driver that performs CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) on the files stored in hard drive.

Mostly the booting process halts when CRCDISK.SYS is installing an incompatible device driver on your system. To access your data after the boot process halts at CRCDISK.SYS, you will need to restore the data from an updated backup. But in case, the backup file is or inaccessible, then you will have to opt for advanced third-party hard drive recovery software.

To illustrate the above problem, consider a practical case wherein you attempt to boot your Windows Vista based system. While the booting process was in progress, a black screen on your computer screen appeared. The screen contained no errors. Again, when you tried to boot your system in safe mode, it got stuck on CRCDISK.SYS. The boot process halted at CRCDISK.SYS every time you tried to start your system.


The main cause for boot process halting at CRCDISK.SYS is that the system is corrupt or loading an incompatible device driver.


To surmount the above problem, you need to re-install Windows Vista operating system. Re-installation resolves the above problem and allows you to boot your system. But, the process deletes all the data from your hard drive. In such cases, you can restore the data from a backup. However, if no backup is available, then you need to look for an effective hard drive recovery utility.

Such Hard Drive Data Recovery tools use advanced recovery methods to recoup lost files post formatting. These applications can be used by any non-technical user, having basic knowledge of computers.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a powerful Hard Drive Recovery Software that recoups lost data from a formatted Windows based hard drive. Compatible with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems, the read only software performs recovery of data from memory cards, memory sticks, Zip drives, and other digital media storage devices. It supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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