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2014 Chevrolet Silverado. The strongest four-door model to d

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The new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado has been unveiled! This highly anticipated Chevrolet truck was revealed to the public this past Thursday morning and like all Chevrolet vehicles, did not disappoint. The new Silverado has been described by industry fanatics as a stronger, smarter and more capable line of Chevrolet truck.


Following a recent trend in truck design, the Silverado embraces a tougher appearance than its previous models. Chevrolet vehicles are known for their signature stacked headlights and twin-port grille, and this 2014 model takes this to the extreme by increasing their size for a more prominent feel. Adding to this tough exterior, the 2014 model features a full-width bumper and dual power dome hood that screams power.


While Chevrolet Toronto currently offers a variety of Chevrolet trucks both new and used, the 2014 Silverado introduces a new cab-to-box seal that is designed for better aerodynamics. With frames ranging between 11-22 pounds lighter than previous models and side view mirrors more compact, this new Chevrolet vehicle is sure to fly easily down the roads.


Gearing our focus beneath the hood, the truck features a triad of all-new EcoTec3 engines. Including one V-6 and two V-8 engines specifically designed to power full-size trucks. All three engines integrate direct fuel injection, cylinder deactivation and an easy switch to four-cylinder operation.


Looking for new engine parts and recommendations? Be sure to ask your Chevrolet service technician for recommendations and correct procedures when replacing and upgrading your Chevrolet vehicles.


This new Chevrolet truck's design is about much more than just looks. MyLink provides natural voice recognition and enough power outlets to fit any lifestyle. The new upgraded Silverado will also feature Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning and Front and Rear Park Assist. These features plus more will be available at Chevrolet Toronto with the purchase of all new Chevrolet trucks.


Can't wait to get your hands on this new Chevrolet vehicle? Neither can we! Chevrolet Toronto is eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new Chevrolet truck, which is said to be available for purchase in the second quarter of 2013.


Whether or not you are in the market for a new Chevrolet truck, the 2014 Silverado is definitely a model to keep an eye on as it hits the roads in the upcoming months.


For all your Chevrolet vehicles, be sure to book regular service appointments at Leggat Chevrolet in order to keep them as strong on the inside as the image they project on the outside. Also, make sure to check out for all information on Chevrolet vehicles and services.

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