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Ceiling of a house is one of the important areas that provide strength to the house structure. Though people invest a lot of time, money and effort in designing their homes they more often than not do not give much attention to their ceiling in terms of decorative potential. Ceilings are usually done away with some white paint or at most with some Plaster of Paris work which gives it some sobriety in terms of look. Though white ceiling do provide flexibility in terms of designing the rest of the room or house but after a point of time it becomes dull and unpleasant.

For people who are out of ideas and have already splurged a lot on designing their house but want to do something new with their house so as to make it look more charming and aesthetically pleasing, revamping your ceiling might be a great step. Ceiling occupies a lot of space in the house and thus has a lot of potential in terms of what you can make of the space, the options are limitless. Ceiling designs today are so better than they were a half century ago that people are beginning to experiment with more often.

But before you go for a complete overhaul of your ceiling it is important to first inform yourself about the various options you have at your disposal. Ceilings designs are available in the market in variety type and prices, each type having its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the materials used in construction of the fancy ceiling designs include wood, metal, paint, acoustic tiles and some other materials. In order to guide you better you can refer to the types of ceiling designs mentioned before, which will help you in making a more informed choice.

Some of the types of ceiling designs are as follows:-

Tiles have greater design value and provide the antique look to your house, pressed or ceramic tiles are the most commonly used. You can also go for wood panels.

Tray ceilings are known to have a slightly raised center platform so as to give more depth to the ceiling.

Cathedral ceiling design is a popular option as it gives you the feel of the country homes; they give the house a very dramatic look and also provide solidity to the structure.  

Dropped ceiling is one of the most popular options chosen by customers due to the number of benefits it provides its users. Dropped ceilings are fantastic if your ceiling has damp portions or if there is a lot of wiring which you wants to hide. They are also very good looking and give a very classy feel to the house.

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