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CHRISTMAS CANDLES: Theme of Colours and Peace of Lights

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At ‘Waxations Hand- made Candles Company’, there are specific holiday gift sets. Christmas is inclusive of these holidays. The Christmas candles are made of excellent quality fragrance oil and with candle wax that holds.


Christmas is the day which Christians annually commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. On this day, candles have been in use for ages. In fact, they were first used to light the Christmas tree until the electric lights were invented.  On this day candles are used both in church as well as in homes while enjoying the Christmas dinner with other family members.


Christmas candles can be plain or scented. For the scented candles they are offered in various scents. Some of the Christmas scents include amber, cinnamon, vanilla, plum pudding, lime, spruce, pine, Christmas tree, mint, rose, white flower and so many more. Though the Christmas candles are available in array of colors such as white, brown, orange, most are either in one color of the theme colors, which are red, gold and green, while others two or all three of them.


They are also available in varying sizes; small, medium and large and while packaged, are incorporated together in candle gift sets, samplers or baskets. This then brings out a perfect moment for the customer to have an array of alternatives to choose from.


To break the historical and monotonous shape and exercise creativity, various shapes have been ‘born’, shapes such as square, round, star, various fruits, candy cane and quite the curiosity- catcher the Christmas tree shapes.


Apart from the varying colors available, candle are even more exquisite when they are accompanied with accessories such as ribbons that could be of the same or contrasting color of the candle but most preferably one of the theme colors such as gold or candle holders that vary from shape color and material. Examples of the candles holders are ceramic bowls, modern designed flasks and glass holders which in turn become a piece of art that could as well be used say as an antique in the room.


The type of style too matters. Christmas candles mostly are available in pillar, tea light and large candles. Most of the time too they are made from soy wax.


At ‘Waxations hand- made Candles Company’ travelling during Christmas or planning to spend your Christmas outdoor has also been factored in. They provide a travelling kit which is best to offer a relaxing mood considering the ‘warm’ relaxing scents while travelling thus also inculcating in the Christmas mood! And also they provide light. Scented Christmas candles could also be used during aromatherapy and the ‘strength of the scent from the candlesis also measured so as to ensure quality of the goal of the therapy has been realized.


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