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Double the girl, double the pleasure

by chrisrock214

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If you find yourself sitting there lonely of a Saturday night, and you can’t seem to muster up that courage to spend a date with a woman, perhaps you don’t think you will get out of it as much as you will be putting in, then you’ve just not picked the right girl. There are plenty of reasons why you might pick a blonde over a brunette, a slim over a curvy, for example. But there should surely only ever be one reason for picking the duo London escorts over any other girl, and it’s purely a mathematical thing. There was you thinking you wouldn’t ever use maths in real life! You can tell your secondary school teachers that you did actually use it, how wonderful. It just confirms, however, that it’s always best to go for the double when you have the choice. It makes everything worthwhile.


But back to what’s important, here. When it comes to choices, we are often stuck between two options. At times, we can be really spoilt and be debating three possibilities, and we really struggle to find a way where we can not have our cake, eat it and have a cup of tea to go with it. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Apart from spending time with the London escorts duo pairings that are certainly becoming the on-trend thing in this industry, there isn’t much that requires such strong conviction when it comes to making a decision about what you want to do. OK, we’ll try and explain ourselves. When you’re out, and offered the option of coffee or dessert, you often opt for both. This is exactly the same situation with any of the duo escorts in our gallery.


When it comes to selecting which of the ladies presented to you, it makes sense to just say ‘both!’. Like Joey says in friends, ‘both, always order both’. And if you’re going to make decisions, it should be on the back of a fictional character from one of the best sitcoms ever to have graced our screens. With that said, there are plenty of life lessons that we can learn from plenty of TV shows and films, just make sure you choose them wisely. For example, whilst we’ve never actually sat down to watch it in its entirety, we’d say The Matrix, Lord of the Rings and The Transformers isn’t the best choice. The duo companions, though? That’s a surefire shout every time.


Author information: Chris Rock is a professional writer with experience contributing to editorial pages, online blogs and writing short articles.  He is the author of this article on Escorts Duo London. Find more information on v escorts in london here.




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