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Pinched Nerve Relief from Chiropractors in Brandon FL

by shansalas

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If you once had a pinched nerve, you must have asked in discomfort how a nerve can become "pinched." This condition describes the discomfort or change in sensation (tingling, numbness) over the length of the irritated nerve. Think of what takes place when you strike your funny bone or when your limbs sleep. In both cases, a nerve gets "squeezed." However, this is only an easy picture, as most pinched nerves take place in the spine.

The symptoms of a pinched nerve can vary, but may consist of a sharp pain in the shoulders and arms, as well as general stiffness and discomfort when the head is moved. Typically, the particular symptoms rely on where in the spinal column the pinched nerve is located. To identify the precise location of the pinched nerve, you have to seek advice from great chiropractors in Brandon FL.

The human spine is comprised of 33 bones or vertebrae: 7 in the cervical area, 12 in the thoracic area, 5 in the lumbar area, 5 in the sacral area, and 4 in the coccygeal region. If the vertebrae are moved or displaced by even a little portion, pressure is produced on the nerves they are connected to, and discomfort ensues. Pinched nerves are often found at the 6th and 7th vertebrae of the cervical area.

Pinched Nerves at C5

Sufferers of pinched nerves at cervical 5—or C5—may experience shoulder discomfort that affects the upper portion of the arm. Pins and needles may also be felt. Some clients may feel too weak to lift their arm, while there are those who may experience headaches.

Pinched Nerves at C6 and C7

Persons who deal with C6 pinched nerves may feel a shooting discomfort that appears to run through the arm and down to the thumb. Just like C6, numbness may also be a concern with C7 pinched nerve. The bicep and wrist can wind up feeling very weak, and there may be proof of carpal tunnel disorder. Pinched nerves at C7 victims may feel some discomfort down the arm and into the middle fingers. Weakness in the triceps muscles and elbow may also be felt.

A Brandon Chiropractic practitioner can do modifications to realign the spine at these areas. When the spinal column is realigned, pressure on the nerves is lowered, and pain is relieved. Learn more about your spinal column when you see


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