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Tips for selecting the right bars in Rayleigh

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Bars offer a perfect environment for taking drinks and chatting out with friends. You can relax with your colleagues after work and just release the day’s stresses slowly as you sip your drinks and music melodies ring your mind. Most bars in Rayleigh are normally full in the evenings and over the weekends when people are out of work. Here are tips to help you find the right one for you.

Cost of services

Bars charge relatively fair rates in terms of drinks and other foods. The costs may also be affected by the standards of the bar and the class. A bar that is mainly attended by rich people is often prone to high prices as compared to that which the average persons normally attend.  It is prudent to go drinking where you can easily afford drinks without staining financially.

Location of the bar

The bar location is very important. Most Rayleigh pubs are normally located within town. This is safe for customers and other people passing by. Location of a pub greatly determines the number of customers it is receiving. Other people prefer going to pubs that are close to hotels, so that they can eat first then go for a drinking spree. Location should also be in an area where ATM machines can be easily accessed in case the need for extra cash arises.

Nature of customers

One of the unique things about these pubs is that different classes of people normally attend them. There are some that are mostly attended by old, while young people attend others. This factor is normally dictated by the nature of drinks and the design of the pub.  You need to select a bar that mainly hosts customers of your class. Friends mostly enjoy drinks and therefore you need to go drinking where your friends are many. In this way you will find it fun and much enjoyable.


Most bars play music, it may either be live bands or just audio music. Music and drinks go hand in hand and you can find these moments very favorable when you have soft music playing from the background when you drink. It is therefore good to select a pub that plays the right music for you. In case of live bands you can select the one that plays your most desirable music.

Having the above tips in mind can help you select the right bars in Rayleigh. You can branch there with friends or colleagues and just enjoy moments of drinking. Also it is wise to remember to always spend wisely when in pubs. Many people spend blindly and thus end up with little or nothing to use at home. So enjoy and spend wisely.


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