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Respect Animal Rights - Stop Exploitation

by halabolteam

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Almost all of us grew up depending on animals in some way or the other for eating meat, wearing leather, and going to zoo and circus. Just to fulfill our desires many of us buy our beloved pets from the pet shops without even caring what actually we are doing. Those animals have their own preferences of living with their fellow beings around, in a habitat of their choice. We do not have the right to exploit their living, as they deserve their own freedoms and rights.

Animals certainly ought to have to live their lives free from exploitation and suffering on their personal will. They have their own liberty to live wherever they want on our planet. Every human being must be aware of that those voiceless creatures have even the right to live and decide their own freedoms. Before treating the fellow creatures with abuse and ill treatment for human comfort there are some Animal Rights that we must understand:

• The right to live a free life in the natural state of their own belongings and habitat.

• They cannot be killed just for the human needs for clothing and food. They have the right to life.

• The right to reproduce in their natural way.

• The right to express normal behaviors like grooming, roaring, searching for food, breeding, nest building etc.

• The right to live between their own breed and habitat and choose their own lifestyle. No animal should be forcefully trained to perform at circuses or zoos or kept in cages for human entertainment.

• The right to live free from human induced abuse or harm. No human has the right to kill the species or torture them to thirst, fear, pain, hunger, molestation, distress, disease or injury.

Organizations for Animals Rights consider that animals have an intrinsic value entirely separate from their worth to human beings. Such Animal Rights Organizations deem that each creature with a will to survive has a right to live free from suffering and pain from the human or any other source on the earth. Animal rights are social movement that challenges the society's conventional view that all the animals live exclusively for human to exploit. All the animals have fundamental interests that deserve consideration, recognition, protection against the internal or external harm or abuse. These basic rights should be given to the animals with both moral and legal rights to live their life full of freedom on this planet in the view of Animal Rights Organizations.

Different organizations dealing with Animal Rights may approach the concern from diverse philosophical viewpoints but all have the same opinion that when the importance of animals are the same as humans, nonhuman animals should be believed in much the similar way as humans. They also have the right to breathe and live with us without any fear of external sources.


About Author:-

Halabol is an online platform which aims at bringing likeminded people together and making an impact collectively. Thus, help in supporting and solving various social problems which we rather neglect otherwise. Members of team Halabol have written several articles on issues related to social work, environment, minorities, education etc. to create awareness among people. Here in this write-up one can get to know how to protect innocent animals through animal rights.

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