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Divorce Cases Prime Arenas for Child Abuse Allegations

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If you are involved in any sort of divorce or custody case in the Denver area, you could also find yourself needing the services of a Denver child abuse lawyer. It is becoming increasingly common for allegations of child abuse, domestic violence, and other types of accusations to be made in the midst of a divorce, especially when one parent is trying to gain an advantage over the other in a heated custody dispute. Of course, in cases of actual child abuse or any sort of domestic violence, everything that can be done to protect the victims should be pursued. Unfortunately, the courts are increasingly hearing cases where no actual child abuse or domestic violence has occurred.

An example of child abuse allegations being made in the midst of a heated divorce occurred recently when police were called to the home of a couple because of a domestic disturbance. When law enforcement authorities arrived, the wife told police that the couple is going through a divorce and that she had been rearranging furniture when the husband had returned to the home. She alleges that he became violent, began throwing things, and damaged property. He counters that he never touched her or the children and was merely removing his possessions from her room because he will be moving out soon. Because of the allegations, the man has been placed on administrative leave from his job as a school principal and is facing one count each of criminal mischief, child abuse, and domestic violence.

Obviously, it is impossible at this point to know exactly what was going on in the couple’s home that caused the wife to summon the police, but if you should find yourself in the circumstance of facing child abuse allegations, an experienced Denver child abuse lawyer can investigate your case to get to the bottom of what happened and will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and your interests upheld. You should not have to suffer the loss of your job, a criminal conviction, and possible incarceration because someone has falsely accused you of child abuse or any other kind of domestic violence or criminal activity.

If charges have been filed against you in Denver for child abuse or some other family violence and you are going through a divorce, it may be because your spouse is trying to paint you in a bad light in order to try to gain custody of your children. Whatever the reason for the charge, you need to contact a defense lawyer who has experience in defending clients against false child abuse accusations.

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