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Here is possibility to repair Access file by Access Recovery

by larendaniel

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It is often seen in the MS-Access application that your valuable data on your system becomes unapproachable. Numerous reasons are responsible for creating such problem. Corruption of Access file also creates data loss situations in front of you. But these kinds of problem can be easily tackled. If you are ready to sort out the problem of Access file, then to repair Access file becomes an easy approach. You can either use a backup, or can follow some appropriate methods to recoup all your data.
Moreover, you can opt for a third party Access Repair software if none of other methods help you.

For further clarification of above issue, suppose you are using a MS-Access 2000 database. While working on it, when you try to execute an Append query. It does not execute, and you may receive an error message that goes like this:

“Microsoft Access can't append all the records in the append query.

Microsoft Access set 0 field(s) to Null due to a type conversion failure, and it didn't add <number> record(s) to the table due to key violations, 0 record(s) due to lock violations, and 0 record(s) due to validation rule violations.

Do you want to run the action query anyway?
To ignore the error(s) and run the query, click Yes.
For an explanation of the causes of the violations, click Help.”

Above error message is received when you make an attempt to use empty strings into a field whose property of AllowZeroLength is set as No.


For solving above error message, and to perform Access repair. You have to follow the below steps:

1.Use Design view to open your destination table.
2.Adjust the property of AllowZeroLength of every text fields to Yes.
3.And, adjust the Required property of every text fields to No.
4.Before closing the table, firstly save the changes that you have made for the table.
5.At last, use an append query.

If the problem still gets encountered, then it is recommended to use a third party Access recovery software. Selecting a software to perform Access repair, is a good decision. These tools are simple and easy to use. It is a good option among other methods. Make a search on search engine, it will show you a huge collection of a third party software that serves the purpose of recovery quite well.

Stellar Access Repair is an authentic tool that is designed to perform Access repair in an efficient and effective manner. Data of the tables, macros, reports, forms, modules, and queries get easily recovered. The tool uses a tree view format to display all the database objects. Additionally, it recovers the VBA code for MS-Access reports. It works well with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.

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