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Basic Information on Roman Shades from Philadelphia

by roxietenner

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In drapery, there's nothing quite as venerable and respected as Roman shades. They are aesthetically attractive, practical, and fairly affordable and simple to setup. Energy-efficient materials are additionally offered, so your house is kept breezy throughout the hot Philadelphia summer months.

Roman shades are available in a range of colors, patterns, and fabrics, offering a lot of space for creativity. It's a tiny wonder, then, that it's a favorite of numerous property owners. Below are three of the most popular types available from creators of Roman shades in Philadelphia.


Classic Roman shades are basically flat sheets of fabric large enough to cover the window opening. They might either hang from rings within the window casing or be setup on the molding. Lifting the shade generates pleats or folds due to the action of the string, while extending the material entirely makes the shade flat. A selection of bottom-edge shapes, e.g., scallops, points, or curves, are readily available so you may make the shade more customized. You could likewise make use of trims, tassels, or pleats for even more fascinating window treatments.


Unlike the classic type, a hobbled Roman shade has permanent folds, i.e., the folds stay even when the textile is fully lengthened. This hobbled effect is attained via internal battens or dowels placed in material pockets along the course of the folds. Hobbled Roman shades are weightier than their classic counterparts, as they need nearly two times the quantity of textile to manufacture. Therefore such, they lend a feeling of soft totality to a window.


Curves set apart the relaxed from the classic and hobbled kinds of Roman shades. These curves are attained by using lift cords solely on the sides. A dowel rod is attached at the bottom edge of the fabric for weight and helps the shade lift more equally. Including ruffles or trims along the bottom end emphasizes the curved impact and improves the visual interest. One downside of this type of Roman shade is that getting the folds to lie properly in place might require some manual adjustments.

Making use of Roman shades is a cost-efficient way to add color and design into your windows. Creators of Roman shades in Philadelphia will have samples for you to browse so you may see exactly how each type explained above really looks like. For ideas on how to decorate with Roman shades, visit


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