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The Basics of Children's Soccer

by anonymous

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If you have no previous experience with kids soccer coaching in Australia, then there are a few things you need to know and consider before training your kids to play. One of the most important things to consider when preparing your child for soccer is their age. A child absolutely cannot and should not train the same way an adult would.

In using the same techniques as the Ready Steady Go program it is important when you are doing any kids soccer coaching that you keep it fun for all involved and even non-competitive. Work on teaching the fundamentals and the essentials for many years so that they can learn all the critical components to soccer and then can worry about winning and losing later down the line. Until kids reach the age of about 11 or 12, you will not want to subject them to any major fitness drills because they are not ready yet. The primary goal for younger kids is just to keep them active during the training sessions and work on their motor skills and body awareness so that they can develop their soccer skills.

You might also want to include “fitness drills” for the little ones that include handling the ball as much as possible. Not only does this make the drills more fun for them to do, but also gives them practice with ball contact. This can give them more confidence both on and off the field.

Just like the Ready Steady Go program has taught children for many years and all the other reputable franchises are teaching too, there is nothing that is more important to focus on teaching little children than the art of good sportsmanship. One of the many benefits to children playing a team sport, such as soccer is learning how to play on a team and with others in a team like manner. Team sports discourage the natural selfishness children have by encouraging them and instruction them to learn about taking turns, plus they all learn how necessary it is to be cheering for others out there giving it their best shot.

When you sign your kids up for soccer, you are making sure that they get fun age appropriate exercise, and many other beneficial lessons to live by for many years to come. Sports, such as soccer that involve team playing help to do a lot with children. These include a boost in confidence, social abilities and work ethics in a person. When they start out at an early age, they can get involved in the life lessons that will be instilled from the very beginning.

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