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How a Phoenix Water Softener Can Solve Hard Water Problems

by JudyJohnson

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A whole house water softener is an investment that will save you time and money. A Clear Water Arizona water softening system protects you from the ravages of extremely hard desert water. Soft water protects your water using appliances—your water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine—from hard water scale build-up. They perform at top condition and are less likely to need repair or need replacement. Soft water also works more efficiently with detergents, and shampoos. You’ll need to purchase less soap to experience truly clean skin, hair, clothes, and dishes.

A Clear Water Arizona water softening system connects to the main waterline or “loop” into the inlet side of the softener. The outlet side connects to your home plumbing. This way, the incoming hard water is treated before it reaches your home plumbing.

As the hard water enters the water softener, it passes over softening resin beads that have a negative charge. The hard water minerals, calcium and magnesium, carry a positive charge and therefore, they stick to the beads. This process prevents the minerals from entering your household plumbing.

Eventually, after several gallons, the resin beads are saturated with the hard water minerals can no longer soften the water. Therefore, this Phoenix water softener goes through a regeneration process to re-charge the beads. In this process, a chloride solution is exchanged for the hard minerals and the beads are positively charged again, with the chloride ions attached. Finally, the system goes through a “rinse cycle” and the process begins again.

This process is known as “mechanical” water softening, which eliminates the hard water minerals instead of masking them in the water. “Chemical” water softening introduces phosphates and other compounds in soaps to treat the water so that it can be used to clean. Without these chemicals, soap cannot clean properly when used with hard water. Rely on mechanical water softening, because your detergents, shampoos, and soaps will rinse completely from your clothes, dishes, hair and skin.

Discover more about how the best water softener in the Phoenix area can save you time and money. Visit Clear Water Arizona online at for more information about their premier home water softening systems, and their entire line of water treatment systems. They’ll create the custom system that is just right for your hard water needs.


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