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Protect Your Privacy with Car Window Tinting

by nancygray101

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The proliferation of social networking in the worldwide web has spawned a new breed of stalkers. Nowadays, they can know everything about you even if they stay inside their rooms eating Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew. Give them a computer or a laptop (heck, even a smartphone) with an Internet connection and they are good to go. This, however, does not mean that the old-timer, traditional stalkers are not on the prowl. Anybody can fall victim. Privacy has become a luxury to most people. Perhaps the only ones who can truly enjoy it are the hermits and the introverts. The rest of us just have to find ways to protect what remains of our privacy—like car window tinting, curtained windows, or deactivating your social networking pages all the way. Although, I hardly think that last example is a possibility.

Now why did I say that car window tinting is a better alternative to being a hermit? Well, basically, you will still look like you are hiding in a cave. But it is like a very expensive cave, with cushioned seats and wheels. If you do not get the analogy, then perhaps an explanation as to what a car window tinting is. It is basically a shield. A shield against the harmful UV rays can be one. But in this context it shields you from prying eyes of pedestrians outside your car. If you already know what car window tinting is, then forgive me. I believe I have to iterate the term for first-time readers.

You know what? The good thing about car window tinting is that you can do pretty much anything behind the safety of your tinted glass walls. You can eat your Big Mac in peace. You can be an ultimate rock star, with neck-breaking headbangs and flailing arms. You can even give your mortal enemy the finger if he or she happens to pass by your car. Okay, that’s bad advice. But, you see what I mean? You can absolutely be anything inside your car without compromising your privacy or your image. Dope, huh? That is why I love tinted car windows. Most of the time because I make faces in front of people, and they do not even know I’m mocking them. I am like a freaking ghost!

But seriously, taking good care of your privacy is a no joking matter. You can’t go on walking around your house half naked just because it is your house. You will never know. There might be eyes watching your windows, and you just have no idea. So unless you want to give some pervert a private show, better keep your windows curtained. The same is true with your other properties. Utilize a decent car window tinting for your vehicle. Revisit you Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr (and what other social networking sites you are registered in) and check your privacy settings. Do not let your information be easily accessible to strangers, especially to stalkers. You can always adjust your privacy settings in these sites. And if you do not know how, there is always good, old Google to help you.

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