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6 Essential Elements Of IPM Programme

by hankyolee3

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Pests of whatever species are a great menace to human life and property. To prevent destruction to property such as our very homes, firm buildings, furnishing, and to protect ourselves from many harmful diseases, keeping away pests is a must. However, dealing with pest infestation is a complicated affair that we might not be able to manage on our own. That is why we need to hire the services of professional pest exterminators to help deal with the threats the pests pose.

In a world that is increasingly turning green, it is important that one takes extreme caution to ensure the pest control method used does not pose serious environmental and health hazards. One such danger to watch out against is the application of pesticides as a management measure. Presently, the best measure is to use an integrated pest management programme. This involves the use of non-toxic, organic or preventive steps to get rid of pests. Let us briefly take a look at some essential elements of an IPM.

Even before confronting the pests themselves it is important we keep our homes and surroundings under watch to ensure there is no infestation taking place. Although many people take it for granted, monitoring through regular sight inspection with the aid of professional pest controllers is vital. This should be in addition to trapping in order to establish the type and levels of pest infestation.

Pests do not just appear anyhow anytime but they have well established trends and patterns. So there should be a system of record-keeping for the information gathered after every treatment or inspection can be used for pest identification and establishment of their population size, distribution so that recommendations for future prevention can be done. There should be complete information on the treatment action taken.

Since it is sometimes almost impossible to completely eradicate pests, it is necessary to establish an action level. This involves determining the population level that requires remedial action for economic, aesthetic reasons, or for human health. For any existing structures or for new designs, elements of prevention should be incorporated. Actually, prevention is the basic step in any IPM programme.

The tactics criteria under IPM discourages use of toxic chemicals, however, this can be applied as a last resort using the least toxic substances that cannot harm humans and non-target organisms. Lastly, a regular programme of evaluation by Gold Coast pest control should be used to determine the level of success of the pest management strategies.


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