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The Basics Of Choosing A Water Heater

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Buying a water heater is a big commitment. Most people will buy a water heater based on the cheapest model or a recommendation of someone making the sale. This is definitely not the optimal choice as it can lead a person to spend a lot more money than they have to. With just a little knowledge and research, a person will be able to confidently continue choosing a water heater that is both affordable and works well. This should be the goal of every purchase.

Types Of Water Heaters

There are three basic factors of consideration when choosing a water heater. Those that work by utilizing electric, gas and ones with tanks or that come tankless. The tankless options also provide the ability to be used as a point of use heater. This means that they can be used for a specific room in a home that is known for using a lot of hot water. For instance, these are perfect for those that run out of hot water when they shower. Instead of trying to buy a whole new water heater for the whole home, a point of use model will work much better.

Quality Brands

There are many different brands that a person can choose from. These will vary depending on a person's country so names will not be given. However, there are always ways to research brands prior to making a purchase. This can be done on the Internet and is highly advised. It is also essential that a long lasting warranty comes with the water heater. This way if it breaks  shortly after a purchase, a person will have it replaced free of charge.


Capacity is a huge consideration when choosing a water heater. This is only a concern with water heaters that come with tanks. If the home's water is always hot and sufficient, a person can merely purchase a model that is of the same overall capacity. However, if a person has never been satisfied with the amount of hot water they have, they can choose to purchase a water heater that is bigger in size. The larger capacity the tank, the more hot water a person will be able to use.

Tankless water heaters will need to be based on their gallon per minute specifications. Since they heat water as it comes out of the faucet, this will need to be considered greatly.

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