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How to stand unique among various photographers websites

by pixpadesign

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It is mostly expected that all reputable photographers have a website to showcase their work. Even amateur photographers don’t want to be left behind, and are setting up websites for themselves. As a photographer, you are probably wondering how to set up a website that not only looks good and is also functional and user friendly but also unique. We are going to look at some tips to guide you in setting up websites that will set you apart from all others.

Whatever your website looks like will have little effect on your audience if the content is terrible. This is what sets you apart from other photography web sites. The design on your website is important but what brings visitors to your website is the content on your site. With this in mind always ensure that you consistently provide good quality content and you can be sure of steady traffic in your site. That said, you should decide on a color scheme that reflects your content and the mood of the work displayed.

Host the website on your own. This gives you the flexibility that you would not get if you had it hosted for you.

Flash websites may look good but they take forever to load. If you really want, you could have a flash slide show on your site but do not add flash animations to your work to make the look better. Since it’s supposed to be a photography website, the key feature of the website should be the photos and not flashy animations. The key aspect to keep in mind is to ensure that the website is easy to navigate.

Have your blog and your website under one domain name. Do not separate them as some photographers do. This keeps your SEO levels high and is not confusing to your audience.

The next point would appear to be rather obvious but you need to have the word “photography” in your domain name. This makes your website easy to find by increasing your SEO level. With over 200 million websites worldwide you really need to make your site easy to find.

You should ensure that your photos are optimized. It is incorrectly believed that smaller file sized photos translate into low resolution photos. With correct lossless compression you can be able to get high quality photos from smaller sized files. This enables the website to load faster and makes it easier to use. If you do not have the skill required to perform this feat, you should learn or hire someone who can.

Use a portfolio and display as many of your photos as possible on your website. Showcase your best quality work on your website since this forms the backbone of your website. As you try to draw more and more clients, also remember that your competitor is also doing the same. Make sure that your portfolio is in a class of its own.

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