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Methods to Improve Your Website’s Bounce Rate

by promos4seo

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If  higher bounce rates indicate overall user dissatisfaction with your website, consider the following Methods which help you to keep your visitors on your web page longer:

Check out Browser Compatibility

High bounce rate naturally indicates a possible disconnection between the incoming visitors on your site and the content they are viewing on the landing page. As said before, it’s possible that the visitors have not found the information to a given page on your site and clicked back immediately, resulting in a natural and understandably high web bounce rate. However, this state is not applicable on every web page of your website but browser compatibility is also responsible for high bounce rate. To prevent this situation you can check the pages that show high bounce rate by using CrossBrowser testing tool.


Improve Your web Page Loading Time

Excess time in loading of your website is another reason behind the website bounce rate. However, website user uses the high speed connection to access the website but still the time issue in website loading exists. It is possible if you are using slow loading visual elements in your website like heavy flash.

Now you can check the loading time of your website by using Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This Google tool is not only evaluating your current website speed but also analyses your web content and give suggestion to improve your website loading speed. By following these suggestions you can not just reduce the website bounce rate but also see the positive impact on your SEO performance.


Make  Informative and Useful  Content

Finally, when you have checked that your website is very well working in all browsers, your content is easily accessible by the visitors and your site is not taking much time in loading but still your web bounce rate is high. Then there must be a problem with your content.

The fact is that, when we built a website with an eye-catching design to attract reader but retaining those readers on your website only content plays an imperative role. If visitors come to your website but your web page is not providing valuable stuff to the readers then no doubt they will definitely hit back and your website bounce rate will continue to be high. That’s why we said that content is king.

To prevent this situation check your website content and ask some questions to yourself:


  1. Are there any grammatical and spelling errors in your content?
  1. Has this content been unique from other content?
  2. Does this content provide valuable information to the readers?
  3. Could my content be edified as offensive or unpleasant in any way?

Noticeably, these aren’t the only methods that can be used to prevent high bounce rates. However, these methods  are the starting points which should be considered for the websites to invite organic traffic without any hindrances.  


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