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The Significance of Mink Fur Coats in the Fur Industry

by joelsalmon

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Mink fur can be considered the black gold of the fur sector, frequently sought for its beauty and style. This kind of fur has the tendency to be soft to the touch and light-weight yet long lasting enough to last for many years. You can get typical mink fur coats for no more than $10,000, making it among the most expensive furs in the market.
The source of the mink fur is the American mink. It is the only species left of the genus Neovison ever since the termination of the sea mink in the 1800s. While belonging to North America, this mink has actually been seen wandering across Latin America and Europe considering human action. The American mink tends to develop its nest underground or by the riverbanks where it's cool. Its fur is also resistant against water invasion thanks to its thick underfur.
Mink is an extremely profitable type of fur, as the Fur Commission USA stated in 2011. In 2010, American mink farmers earned $231.1 million. Mink fur accounted for 70 percent of overall sales.
Now, what makes mink fur so special that it always carries a significant cost? There's no certain response for that, but mink fur provides a number of edges over the remaining furs in the market like its being soft and light-weight. People wish to wear expensive fur coats without the weight of the coat bearing down on them. In spite of being lightweight, mink fur is really dense, giving it the warming edge a mink needs even under winter.
Normally, it takes the collective furs of more or less 25 American minks to make a single mink fur coat. However, this number continues to be the topic of argument among fur planters and various other experts. The thick fur of the American mink produces an effect for the coat that can effortlessly move from being laid-back to formal and vice versa. So long as there's a strong market for fur, the mink fur market will stay stable in the years to come.
To find out more about the mink fur industry, you can visit the Fur Commission USA online on For a firsthand view at what mink fur looks and feels like, you can see your regional fur-clothing dealership.



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