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Laser Hair Removal- Safe and Effective Hair Removal Process

by laserbella

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Laser hair removal has become quite famous as aesthetic procedures across the globe done by surgeons and beauty studios. It is also termed as IPL or intense pulsated light. It is a safe, precise and sort of permanent solution to your unwanted and irritating hairs. Most of the people try this through methods like shaving, waxing or freezing which can lead to bumps, burns, skin rashes and nicks. With laser hair removal, you will be saved from the cumbersome task of shaving and waxing every month. Moreover, there are no side effects of this method as compared to other conventional methods of hair treatment.

The procedure of this hair treatment:

IPL or laser treatment involves the principle of selective photothermolysis. During the treatment, a professional uses a laser beam which is targeted to the specific area. This is done to ensure that the beam reaches only the particular area and do not cause any harm to surrounding skin and tissues. In scientific terms one can say, that here the wavelength of light is matched with the intensity of the hair color. Though, the technique helps in the permanent removal but the procedure is 100% effective only in dark colored hair individuals. Therefore, the best combination for laser treatment to work is light skin with dark hair. It is so because, the light color of the skin does not absorb any light and dark color of hair absorbs it completely to show effective result.

However, people not fitting in this combination must not dishearten. Lasers can also work in individuals with dark skin and dark hair.

Some doubts to be cleared:

The process has come into practice since 1997. Since then various doubts have been created about its permanent efficiency. However, studies have proved that the process is 100% safe. The process is popular owing to its speed and accuracy in the hair removal. When a person goes through 3-8 sessions, he/she does not have to go for another treatment in future.

The effectiveness of the laser treatment largely depends on the method used and the surface of the treated area. If you are concerned about the side effects of this technique, then let me tell you that there are just a few instances of them to appear. The common side effects are swelling, itching, light discoloration which subsides within 2-3 days.

Laser hair removal for men:

Luckily, this technique does not monopolize its benefits towards women only. It works with equal effectiveness for men also. At times, the process is also used for the treatment of pilonidal cysts which is disorder in men due to excessive growth of ingrown hairs.

Different kinds of laser hair treatment:

There are varied kinds of laser treatment which mainly includes:

  • Ruby laser: not very popular these days and best for people with pale skin only.

  • NdYAG laser: this is very commonly used and is suitable for individuals with darker skin. However, lighter skinned individuals can also be treated with this technique.

  • IPL: most commonly used process but technically does not fall in the laser category as most effective for pale to medium skin individuals.

The above described types were used for hair removal. Besides this, laser principle is also used for various other forms as photo facial, wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, etc. So, now we can say that skin problems are no more a headache for you because the laser can work for them all.

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