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How to Tethered Jailbreak iOS 6.1 Beta 5 Pre A5 Devices

by maddyacca

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Is it, or not, or it is or it’s not the GM , the most hottest and gossiped topic in the Apple’s world, but either it is or not, it’s obvious that iOS 6.1 jailbreak releases earlier than iOS 6.1 goes in public.

Meanwhile if you are happening to be a Developer, you can also enjoy the iOS 6.1 beta 5 on your much Pre-A5 Device. This one is also the same trended tethered jailbreak unless and until you happen to use the older version of iPhone 3GS.

jailbroken iOS 6.1 beta 5

Now I will clear step by step process of jailbreak iOS 6.1 beta 5….

How to Tethered Jailbreak iOS 6.1 Beta 5 Pre A5 Devices

Step 1:  If you are happen to be a developer then you can easily access and download iOS 6.1 from Apple’s developer portal.

Step 2.: Download this from the portal website on your A5 device which may be either iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or fourth generation touch device iPAD.

Step 3: Now this time the most reliable redsn0w 0.9.15b3 download it from the downloader portal.

Step 4: Connect your device to your computer, and place it into DFU mode.

Make a connection between your PC and device by placing the DFU.

Step 5: Open the reliable Redsn0w and make sure first that it must connect with your device in the DFU mod.

Step 6: Now by following the simple steps. First click “Extras”, then IPSW, now this will done in 2 steps. Redsnow must detect and identify the iOS 6.0 firmware, if any issue or error then it’s simple and clear that you are using some wrong firmware or redsn0w version.

Step 7: Now if there is any issue click BACK, click jailbreak now wait and make sure that all things loaded fully and properly finished. Then check the status of Cydia then NEXT. The recently installed jailbreak will start, making sure that still your device is in DFU mod.

Step 8: Once the device set back and the locked screen appear, then put it back into the DFU mood.

Step 9: Check Ok on the jailbreak notification if you not already done it. Click IPSW.

Step 10: Now it’s time for firmware on your device. Once it done completely and identifies completely, move on and click BOOT.

Step 11:If you follow the last instructed steps and successfully loaded the device in DFU mood, then redsn0w will do the rest and will boot your device. The successfully  booted  devices will show the sign of pwapple.

Step 12: Once the device comes back to the main lock screen, unlock your phone and move on to the next page. On that page there must be that Cydia.

Now this is the pretty much all you have. But keeping one thing in mind that jailbreak device which is running iOS 6.1 beta is only accessed for the developers only and seeing firmware is beta firmware and can only be get Via Apple’s developer portal.

It must be kept in mind that it’s a tethered jailbreak version which will runs only if you perform the same Boot as instructed in the steps 10 and 11.

And for the users who are waiting for untethered jailbreak versions, good news is that now a day’s hackers are doing their jobs and it is expected that very soon they will launch its which is specially for iPhone 5, iPad mini, and many other same devices which are much more capable of running the iOS 6.1.

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