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What to do when you don’t celebrate Christmas

by gilbert2805

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year to spend with your family, celebrating another year gone by and the thought of the new one looming. There is gift giving, great food to eat and way too much to drink. However, what do you do if you don’t celebrate Christmas, your family are too far away or you just can’t be bothered? If you are one of the many that will find you are alone on Christmas then you know that there isn’t much to do other than feel a little sorry for yourself. There is nothing good on TV, most shops are closed, and everywhere you look is reminders of how great everyone else’s Christmas is. Well, if you know where to look you will find girls who would love to not only spend Christmas with you, but who will make this day the most exciting and sexy you have had in a long time. The only question is, once you have arranged a date with a London escort on Christmas day, what are you to do for date entertainment?

First thing is first. Town is bound to be pretty dead, not only are most of the shops closed, but there will be little traffic. Meaning this is the perfect time to wander the streets and marvel at the Christmas lights, the trees in the storefronts and how beautiful the middle of London is when it is blanketed in snow and empty. You can take a thermos with you so you can warm up in the midst of your walk, and to make things better you can always huddle together for warmth, romantic and you get to feel her gorgeous body pressed against yours, bliss!

If you’re not big on cooking or just can’t be bothered to go shopping before the big date, why not book a table at a restaurant? There are many open in London on the 25th, so book a booth where you and your London escort can get to know each other better, eat way too much Christmas cake and drink a little too much sherry. This is great because you get the traditional date experience, but you get to also miss out on all the crowds and enjoy each other in a restaurant that may be a little quieter than usual.

What you get up to after dinner is up to you. You can always go back to yours, or, if you want to splash out on Christmas why not book a hotel room? Hotels are always open and running, meaning that you can order room service whenever you like, and after a little debauchery and sexy fun you have someone else to clean the sheets for you!

Christmas doesn’t have to be full of family and gifts, you can have a quiet Christmas, with a London escort and make it entirely memorable.

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