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Easy Steps on Installing a Weight Distribution Hitch

by karimi

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When towing a trailer that weighs more than 5,000 lbs, a weight distribution hitch is recommended. A ball mount is not recommended since the trailers weight is transferred to the vehicles rear axle and the vehicle tilts towards the rear or sags. Weight distribution hitches usually distribute the weight to the front and rear by use of spring bars that help create leverage between the tow vehicle and the trailer. When weight is distributed evenly, towing becomes easier and there is lots of traction and trailer control.

When using a weight distribution hitch you need a tow vehicle, a weight distribution hitch and a tongue weight scale.

  1. You have to purchase the correct size and class of a weight distribution hitch. The weight distribution hitch gross trailer weight capacity should be more than the trailer’s weight. The weight of the cargo that the trailer will be carrying having been factored in. The tongue weight rating of the trailer that’s to be towed should match that of the distribution hitch.
  2. Confirm the trailer’s tongue weight:  it’s usually 10 to 15% of the gross trailer weight. To check it, place the tongue of the trailer when loaded on a tongue weight scale. You can also improvise using a bathroom style scale. The bathroom scale is placed on cement blocks so that the height of the scale is raised
  3. The weight distribution hitch can now be installed on to the existing hitch. Make sure to check whether the hitch can withstand the weight of the trailer to be towed. The weight capacity rating is usually printed on the hitch. A hitch that can be used with a weight distribution hitch usually has the weight distribution rating labeled on it.
  4. Inside the hitch’s receiver outlet insert the weight distribution shank. Use the bolts that come with the weight distribution kit to attach the shank to the weight distributions head unit. The pins that hold the head unit in place while at the same time tilting the head to meet the trailer tongue’s height.  To hold the head in this position, replace the pins. The spring bars can be slid into the weight distribution head either from the sides or the front. This is determined by the systems particular style.
  5. When this connections are done, back the tow vehicle to the trailer. Connect the hitch and spring bars to the trailer. To secure the chain links, attach them from the spring bars to the trailer mounted brackets. Install the weight distribution hitch to the trailer by use of the head unit. Double check the installation procedure to make sure that all components are secure and well fastened.

Having confirmed that the connections are in place, the tow vehicle is now ready to tow the trailer. The weight distribution hitch will make sure that you have no problems with the load on the trailer and ensure safe towing.

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