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How Overworked People Can Benefit from Physical Therapy

by jayefiecke

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The city of Hillsboro in Oregon is home to the Silicon Forest, which is a hub for tech firms like Intel, Tripwire, and Cascade Microtech among others. People who work for these technological companies sit for hours on end in front of their computers, which can cause the threat of back and neck pains. If this correctly explains your condition, you might wish to see a Hillsboro physical therapy practitioner for some much-needed relief.

If you can't wait for your next session and require results quickly, you can do some basic stretching exercises by yourself. Before you perform some of these stretches, however, make certain to wear comfortable clothing that will not bind or narrow you in any way. In addition, keep in mind that muscle stretches don't need to hurt; you're clearly overdoing it if you feel pain while stretching.

Flexion stretches are good for easing the stress in your neck. To stretch the back of your neck, gently bend your head down with your chin near to your chest, until you can feel a stretch in your back neck area. You can additionally bend your head sideways with your ear nearing your shoulders till you feel a stretch on the opposite side. You can perform this exercise while sitting or standing.

Your back certainly carries heavy weights throughout your everyday tasks. To relieve back stress, do a back flexion exercise. While lying on your back, bend your knees up towards your chest. Continue with this move until you can feel your back stretch as you progress into a curled ball position.

You'll also need to occasionally stretch the pirifomis muscle, which is found near the buttocks and is understood to contribute to back and leg soreness. To stretch this muscle, lie down and cross one leg over the other. Delicately pull the other leg towards the chest until you feel a stretch in your buttocks. Carry out the exact same movements with the other leg.

These exercises should help bring temporary relief. If your neck or back pain does not disappear despite routine performance of these stretching workouts, then an appointment to a Beaverton physical therapy professional is suggested. For more recommendations, check out

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