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How To Design a Creative Portfolio Website

by pixpadesign

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A portfolio website is critical if you want to sell a skill to buyers online. With more and more people choosing to go it alone professionally, it has become more important to have a portfolio website for their consideration. Some of the advantages of having a portfolio website include establishing yourself as the best candidate, displaying your creativity to the masses, branding yourself, and many others.
Designing a creative portfolio website is not easy as it entails many processes. However, if you manage to create one, the benefits are immense. This article gives you a few things you must have in mind when creating or designing a portfolio website.

Website background

Designing the background of the website is one of the first steps you should take on your journey to owning one. This step entails getting the right color that completely identifies with your target market, layers and other background information on the website. In general, always aim for a website background that is professional, but creative. You can also use layers, which show your expertise and if you can’t effectively do this, get ideas from other professionals. You can also choose to get help.

Choose your best works

Another crucial facet of the design process is your portfolio or best works. How do you want to highlight these works to potential buyers? After you have discovered what your best works are, you need to add these works on the website. As for this section, ensure that the works are in a clear position so that potentials don’t struggle to get it. Experts have discovered that when you place your works out of reach or shielded from the visitors view, the conversion rates for these professionals drop. Therefore, you should align your design in such a way that makes it easy to access.


Images are a crucial element of expressing creativity and if you are creating a creative portfolio website, you need to consider the ones you want to put up on the website. As a matter of precaution, avoid photos that are subjective and instead, focus on those which express your creativity to the clients. More expert advice the sparing use of photos on creative portfolio websites. Instead, focus your attention on showing the clients what you can do in your biography sections and past works.

Keep it simple

One of the biggest mistakes most designers and professionals make when they design portfolio websites is to complicate things. The truth is, apart from your design peers, no one will marvel at how much graphics you use on the website. It’s the value they will receive on the website or perceive to receive that will matter. Therefore, instead of going adventure on the website, simply design a website that is simple and tells your potentials what you want them to do. If you want them to hire you, upload files, pay, etc. tell them.

Creative portfolio websites need to tell potential clients you are looking for them. All you need to use in the design are good and creative images, a balanced background, strong calls to action, highlight best works, and keep it simple.

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