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How To Recover Lost Data Due To BIOS Error

by tompatrick

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The world is seeing a new face of technology where everything appears to be fast-paced and virtual. The computer technology has also evolved in a short span of time giving a new dimention to the ever changing business requirements. Nowadays, hard drives that are the main storage medium in a computer come in various shapes with different capacities. But these hard drives too are subject to data loss and corruption. In such cases, you need to follow some hard drive recovery utilities to get your precious data back.
Suppose one instance, you switch on your computer and suddenly it reboots or gives you an error message. It may also happen that the computer gets hanged in the middle of the booting process displaying no error message. This is probably a BIOS error that appears something like:

"CMOS Battery State Low"
"CMOS Checksum Failure"
"K/B Interface Error"

BIOS or "Basic Input Output System" is a software responsible for managing the basic functions in a computer system, such as booting, keyboard control and configuration of hardware components inside the computer. It instructs your hardware to function and is not dependent on any OS. So, it plays a vital role in the operation of a computer system and any error in this can lead to a major system crash or corrupted hard drive. Hence the need for hard drive recovery arises.

Misconfigured BIOS.
Power supply not working properly.
Loose connections inside your computer.
Hardware installed is not compatible with your OS.
All this would lead to loss of your important data stored on your hard drive. We can follow a series of steps to handle this situation. And if, none of the tricks work, we will use a more sophisticated software to recover hard drive.
Resolution steps:
These are the various resolution steps that you can follow to fix the problem- See the error message and then try to find a solution to that cause.
Clear the CMOS and reset the BIOS settings.
Test your power supply because it can be the major cause of the problem.
Reestablish every connection inside you computer.
Check the hardware installed on your computer and see whether it is comptible with your OS.
These steps may solve your problem to some extend but you need to take the help of a more reliable hard drive recovery software in case the problem still persists and the data cannot be recovered. These data recovery software use a scanning algorithm to ensure that you get your data back safely.
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is one highly recommended software that recovers lost or deleted data and also data lost due to formatting and corruption of partitions or storage media. Its save scan feature allows you to save the scanned data and start the recovery process at later date using the saved scan.

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