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Worth Mentioning Tips for Great Photographer’s Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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Building a great portfolio is essential to your success as a photographer. Without a portfolio no one will even consider hiring you. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to ensure that your portfolio makes an impression.

Edit yourself

It’s really important that you only put your very best work in your portfolio. If that means you’ve only got five images, then so be it. Showing people work that is incomplete or not very good will drive away business, even if most of your portfolio is excellent. Remember that people focus on the negative, so filling your portfolio with photos that are outstanding is the only way to show people you're worth and shine as a photographer in a sea of mediocrity.

Have your friends edited you

After you’ve chosen your photos, have family and friends look at your portfolio and edit the work you’ve chosen. Sometimes what we think is best isn’t really. Choose friends who will be brutally honest with you for best results in this exercise, if you can’t trust what they’re saying then you can’t trust your results.

Highlight your work on your website

Your portfolio should be easy to get to on your website, quick to load, and should (most importantly) showcase your photos rather than the background of your site or something else. People want to see your work, and although the beautiful backgrounds are lovely and creative, it’s not useful information for someone who wants to know what your photography skills are.

Organize your portfolio according to theme

You may need to have several different mini-portfolios on your website if you take pictures of a lot of different things. Brides will want to see weddings, actors want to see your portraiture, and everyone wants to see more artistic work from you. Your portfolios should always load quickly and be easy to navigate.

Add some personality to your portfolio

Even though it is most important to highlight your work on your portfolio, you can add personality to your website by captioning your work or creating a photoblog. Captions can show the passion and personality that goes into your work. They should be short and to the point, of course, but even a few words can make a world of difference. A full photo blog gives you the space to showcase not only your best work, but your clients and what you loved about working with them. Your photo blog will be a great way to drive business because it shows the real heart and soul of what you do as a photographer.

As a photographer it is so important to have a great portfolio and website. Always showcase your best work, and make sure it passes by the eyes of your family and friends before you put it online. You can add personality to your photos with a photo blog or by captioning your photos, and drive your SEO rankings with the added mentions of the name of your company on the blog pages.

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