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HCG Drops – An Effective Weight Loss Solution with HCG Diet

by grayson383

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HCG – Human Chronic Gonadotropin is the naturally produced hormone in pregnant women. This hormone will allow the embryo to take enough fat required from the mother’s stored fat when needed. However, in the case of others who are not pregnant, combing some specified diet plan with HCG will initiate the hypothalamus to mobilize the excessive stored fat to provide additional calories that is required more to do your regular activities efficiently. This would be a different way to restrict calories. Generally the low calorie diet though appear to be the fastest way to lose weight initially, they are unhealthy.

The HCG drops are used for weight loss as a homeopathic approach. This initiates to use HCG hormones in the body. Just a single HCG drop low calorie diet can help in reducing weight by up to 30 pounds in a month's time. HCG drops are proven to support weight loss. This is just a drop to be placed on your tongue. However, it becomes effective only with following HCG diet regularly.

The HCG drops reviews can help you know more facts about taking HCG as an approach of losing weight. HCG drops are not mostly recommended for weight loss though it has been proven to be effective. This is because; FDA has not approved it for weight loss. HCG is feared to cause side effects when not properly monitored and taken according to the doctor’s prescription. Moreover, it is that taking just 500 calories of diet per day is extremely low which would let you to starvation and slow down the metabolism. As a result some of the HCG diet side effects would include water retention, restlessness, headaches, depression, breast tissue tenderness, irritability and more. There are also some rare though serious side effects caused due to HCG diet which include Ovarian Hyper stimulation which can be recognized by the symptoms vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, weight gain, swelling in feet and legs, infrequent urination and diarrhea.

The HCG drop reviews can help you to learn more about what type of diet and how should that be followed in order to prevent you from such serious side effects. However, the low calorie diet is not highly recommendable and extreme care is essential while you are under HCG diet. It is the fact that people following a low calorie diet would lose weight in some short time period. However, a sudden reduction in the calories would cause some risks like formation of gallstone, electrolyte imbalance, and irregular heartbeat.

Therefore, before you decide to choose HCG drops for weight loss, consult your health care provider regarding taking the balanced diet in addition to HCG drops for weight loss. HCG ultra drop also gives other benefits. It can improve the blood circulation and feel energetic. However it is equally important to take the right diet in order to help the drops work efficiently and properly.   

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