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Proactive ways to stay ahead of data thieves

by anonymous

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We are now in the digital age, characterized by rapid developments in information technology that has made sharing information easier than ever before. We are also faced with the ever present danger of people stealing information from us and then using it against us. As the old adage goes, "there are always bad people out to get you", and this is especially true with regards to information. There are lots of people who would do just about anything to place their hands on some types of information, say a bank customers' database or credit card information, and even government or corporate data. With such information in their possession there is really no way of telling how much havoc they can wreck.


To protect our data from theft we need data security protection. Armed with the most up to date data security protection we should be able to maintain the safety of our confidential data and also keep at bay the data thieves. DRM protection is very effective as a means of safeguarding private data and it encompasses several software tools that are used for this very purpose.


There are indeed many forms of DRM protection that can be used to soundly protect any form of data or digital material. Take music, for example. Magnetic tapes gave way to digital music - now one can simply pop a CD into his/her computer and upload its entire contents to the web from where it will be freely available to the whole world. The same thing is often done with digital books, software and games, without the permission of the publishers.


Artistes and publishers can get back at pirates using DRM protection by, for example, creating content that cannot be copied from the source CD to a computer hard drive. Book publishers can create ebooks that can only be opened using a special key thus compelling anyone who wants to read a certain ebook to buy the required key from its publisher. Data security protection is applicable to other forms of data besides digital content like music and ebooks. If you have to transmit important data from one person to another and you don't want the wrong people to access it you could encrypt the files and provide the authorized recipient with a decryption key.


Data protection should be seen as a proactive and continuous undertaking because the bad guys work day and night to circumvent existing data security protection systems. It therefore pays to stay ahead of the bad guys by constantly being on the lookout for improved DRM protection tools entering the market.


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