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What is the attraction in handmade classic leather bags?

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Let's say you need a bag, a leather bag to be precise. It is quite easy to go online and shop for cheap bags or walk into any store and buy a bag off the racks. A much better option would be to specifically look for a handmade leather bag. This is if you want a leather bag that you will own for a very long time and draw envious looks from other people whenever you carry it. You will definitely have to pay a bit more but the fact that you will be the proud owner of a top-notch purchase will certainly be an apt compensation.


In the medieval era there existed guilds and associations of craftsmen that specialized in particular crafts. Masons, leatherworkers, goldsmiths, and so on, were thus organized in such guilds. Individuals specializing in a particular craft had many reasons for forming these associations, one of which was to preserve the secrets behind their trade. Protecting trade secrets was important for prestige and also to limit competition. Skills were handed down to select apprentices who were of necessity limited in number.


One consequence of this sequestration of skills and knowledge was that only a very limited number of individuals gained mastery in the crafts. This in turn facilitated the production of excellent quality goods that were highly sought after. Naturally, only a small segment of the population could afford these goods and so they acquired an air of luxury and exclusivity. Each item, be it a piece of jewelry, a leather bag or a dress bore its creator's trademark. Today, we don't have guilds that resemble their medieval forerunners but we have skilled craftsmen who still handcraft items using knowledge that has been passed down to them from their forefathers.


Greater value is attached to handmade items as opposed to mass-produced generic products. Take, for instance, the classic leather bags from the Pagonis of Greece. The Pagonis family of Naxos has been making leather goods since the 1940s and the art has been retained within the family ever since. Individual handmade classic leather bags from their factory bear unique designs not replicated in a million others as is the case with mass-produced leather goods. The artisans who fashion these classic leather bags imbue each product with a special touch; a special feeling of uniqueness will certainly abide when you appreciate the fact that the bag in your arms has been specially made for you.


People like the Pagonis who engage in true craftsmanship are not obsessed with volumes because they view each item they make as a work of art worthy of all the time and attention it can get. This inspiration is what motivates them to fashion high quality classic leather bags made from the finest raw materials.


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