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Joomla Website Development – The most preferred CMS in today

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Established in 2005, Joomla Web Development, an open source platform for creating and managing websites, has now overtaken many popular Content Management System of yore, such as WordPress as the most preferred CMS. Joomla, , is now renowned for its versatility and easy to use features, preferred by novices and experts alike. Unlike other web development platforms, Joomla has more features on offer, with easily manageable options and also offers the chance of developing complex applications on its open foundation.

Joomla web development is now being used as the ideal platform to create manageable and user friendly websites for a vast variety of organizations, ranging from government agencies to small online communities, educational institutions and even personal web pages.

A few features and advantages of Joomla Web Development platform can be summarized as

    • The Joomla Web Development platform, being an open source platform, is very cost effective.
    • The Joomla Web Development platform has a vast repertoire of feature sets and applications, which cater to almost every imaginable function required by the users of a website.
    • It has more than 8,000 free and commercial feature sets or ‘extensions’ available in its directory.
    • Apart from the templates available, users can also add functions or extend the given functions on their own as this platform is available under the ambit of General Public License.
    • It supports multiple users.
    • Joomla can be downloaded in any language from its official website and even offers translations which allow users to view the created websites in their chosen languages.
    • The user interface of joomla is very user friendly which makes it easier for web developers to train the users of the websites, all the more easier.

Joomla web development’s biggest strength is in its malleability, which makes it flexible for any degree of customization at the hands of the web developer. There are many web developers using this web development platform to create web pages and sites for their clients with myriad and complex custom features.

Joomla Customization enables the owners and users of websites many advantages such as cost effectiveness, easy navigation and hassle free maintenance, wherein the website owners can manage their websites themselves, once the same is created and handed over by the web developers.

Besides the more than 10,000 extensions available, Joomla customization and Development allows unlimited opportunities for innovation where the website owner has to pay only for the customization as most of the extensions are available free of cost.

Joomla has features like its module development solutions and component development solutions which enable data to be displayed as per the website owner’s wishes, anywhere on the websites and also enhances content management by managing content at component level rather than at document level which ensures consistency in data.

Thus, people looking for ideal web development platforms and content management systems can safely depend on Joomla web development and its related customization features for a cost effective and user friendly website.

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