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Three Techniques of Making Graphic T Shirts

by mikerowland

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A common question on the minds of many who own one or more graphic T shirts is how the designs are done on the clothes. The techniques used vary, ranging from the simple traditional methods to the modern techniques. Whichever you will come to know of first or last, the final aspect in graphics is to print something on the garment, which usually applies when working on batches of T shirts. Some fashion brands will do graphic designs as per their market interest, which also extends to doing custom designs for their various clients. This ensures that they can satisfy their customers’ needs and demands.


Back to the techniques used when making graphic T shirts, a common method that has stood the test of time is screen-printing. This is a method that many people have a clue of how it is done. The uses of a screen, special ink, chemical, a pattern, image, or symbol to be printed are the items necessary to produce graphic T shirts.  The printing will not take place directly on the T shirt. The initial preparations will begin in the screen, to create a ready product that will then be placed and printed on the T shirts.  Traditional methods of doing this technique would be ideal when doing limited batches, but modern screen- printing techniques will work for mass production of graphic T shirts.


A quicker technique of doing graphic T shirts is sublimation. Still based on the use of similar material as is with screen-printing, this technique will nonetheless work best on synthetic T shirts. The process will involve heating of the ink into vapor for it to then be moved onto the textile. Due to the speed of doing these graphic prints, the process works for mass production of graphic T shirts. In addition, the results are a lasting and robust than those of the screen print. The downside of it is that the method is expensive and that will reflect on the price tag of the T shirts done in this technique.


Another method is Heat transfers. The method is rather direct, with the use of what one can consider that ready to go prints. These are pasted on the fabric and they are pasted to it by heating them. The entire process is quick, but due to its nature it at times is very restrictive to the kind of color of fabric. In many instances you will find white is the color of this type of graphic T shirts.


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