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Special Care for the Impaired through Adapted Cutlery, Pill

by chunkyjunkie

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Human is a social animal bound with several expectations, right from the time of birth. The biological parents are always demanding, expecting their kids to reach the goals and exceed the limit, what they were not able to do or achieve in their lives. But, what about those children who have one or other kind of disability and can’t perform their work like other normal children or people having movement difficulty? These kinds of children have the fine motor disability under which they exactly can’t do the work what other so called ‘normal’ children can do. These types of children need special care and attention along with specially made daily usable things for them. For example, Adapted cutlery should be used for them, so that they can have whatever they like with ease.


Things to Keep In Mind for Adapted Cutlery


Please remember that these types of utensils are made especially for those who have fine motor disability or movement impairment. As it is very difficult for them to hold or use crockery and utensils which normally able people can use, this specially made adapted cutlery allows them to use them with ease.  These may include specially made plates with grips or handles, spoons with special coating on them to prevent accidental damage to teeth’s and lips, totally sealed cups for those who can’t control hand movements, insulated cups and bowls for keeping the food warm as they take long time in eating. Whatever may be your choice, select these especially made utensils as per the requirement of the person.


Reasons for using Pill Organizer


If someone is suffering from any ailment, it is very important to take the medicine on time and in correct proportion. If the medicine is not administered properly, then the condition of the patient may worsen.  In this case, the pill organizer may be of great help. This is a kind of medicine box, which keeps the track and count on the amount of medicine you should take and at what time. These pill organisers come in various types and shapes, starting from one-day medicine administrator to a whole month pillbox. It also has a kind of alarm system, which alerts you in case you forget to take the medicine.


Usage of Bath Board and Seats


People who are movement-impaired or who have motor disability can’t perform their daily chores of washroom work without other’s help. At times, this is embarrassing and also tiring. So, help of bath board and seat should be taken, so that the disabled person can feel at ease and can perform the task on his/her own. The type of things which are handy in this category are the bath tub holders, either made out of hard plastic or stainless steel  and the loo chairs comfortable and strong enough to hold the weight of the person.

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