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How To Host A Hot Tub Party

by spacovers

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It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran spa owner or a new one because chances are pretty high that you are going to want to spend a lot of time in it. Guess what? Your friends and family probably want to spend time in your hot tub as well. With all the interest in your new tub, what better what to show it off than by planning a hot tub party? If so, check out these simple hosting tips:

1-     The most important tip is to have a great hot tub. Make certain that it is large enough for many of your guests to fit in there. Of course if you have a ton of guests chances are all of them won’t fit.

2-     When you warm up the tub, allow for a half hour per degree. You’ll want the tub to be at a good temperature before guests show up. To speed up the process, keep the cover on while it heats up. Hot tub covers help insulate the tub and will help ensure the water is warm when the party starts.

3-     Even though the size of your hot tub is extremely important, your friends will be spending some time outside the hot tub as well. This will be a great way to show your diversity. Make sure you have plenty of chairs or lounging areas for them to sit in and have an area like a snack shack. Ensure that these areas are set up in a way that they can converse with each other. Throw some tiki torches out there which should set up a fantastic mood and give a certain ambiance to your get-together. It also would be a great idea to entice them with a couple of outdoor games. Get all kind of hot tub and covers at

4-     Having some music playing is a fantastic way to keep the party lively and karaoke is even better.

5-     If you are a fan of grilling outside, this is a perfect chance to show your skills.


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