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Cloud Computing Growth Statistics

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Looking at the current market stature, anybody can predict the future of cloud computing. The beginning days were somewhat filled with dark when people were a bit cautious about cloud computing growth and its capabilities. But it seems that now the concept has reached the dawn of the day. A major part of the user group is considering it usable for short as well as for long run. It has been significantly effective in handling large set of operations that people doubted earlier. Techno gurus have even suggested that the stage is set for cloud computing and it will be the leader in providing every kind of hosting and internet services in the future.

Based on recent cloud computing reviews, it was recorded that the overall market share of cloud computing companies in India is 100 million dollars now and by 2015, it is estimated to cross the 1 billion dollar mark. Well the current growth of cloud computing record at least proves one thing for sure that the saturation of cloud service is nowhere near. The record above clearly suggests the rate at which it has been growing which is actually quite impressive. Such reviews have never been found with other cloud computing service providers. This proves one more point that it is equally competitive to its competitors in terms of performance and quality.

The cloud providers are also not behind in providing excellent services to their qualities. They are hiring skilled professionals and system administrators that can control the overall infrastructure unlike any other company or group. They are making every possible attempt to make their services the best in the industry such that every road leads to nowhere but clouds. Creatively talented administrators are creating firewall systems that are invincible. Every small feature is reviewed and molded to perform to their best in the level of their category. Not only are the providers concentrating on improving just their own part but is also focusing on enhancing the client’s side too so that the business keeps going on successfully on both sides.

Many IT heavyweights such as Google, Dell, Hewlett Packard, etc are openly using cloud computing services. Most of the industry biggies are also shifting their mode of operations to clouds on a permanent basis. May be they are getting this confidence by seeing the IT giants. If they are using it without any difficulty, how easier will it be for others? The rate of cloud computing growth since they were incepted by the IT biggies has been breathtakingly higher.

All in all, it’s good news for cloud providers. The cloud computing growth statistic is an increasing graph. The features are optimized and complete for anybody whether he is an individual or a multinational company. The growth has been very quick and there has been a launch of all different wave of clientele. What else can be said is, the future is uncertain. What will happen is in nobody’s control and we make our predictions based on our current marks and so basing on present case scenario, it can be said that cloud computing is having a very bright future.

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