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Know more about various mop products

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Mops are the basic cleaning equipment for house clean-up. These are used to clean the solid surfaces. Generally, these are of two types, dry and wet mops. These dry ones are used to sweep the dust particles on the floor, where as the wet ones are used to wipe the floors with cleaning solution. Usually, we have to clean the floor regularly to avoid the germs and stains. Especially, if you have pets at home, then, you have to take extra care in cleaning the floors.

There are various mop products available in the market. All these differ in the swab head shape and material. Many types of swab heads are available with new stylish look. These are flat, looped, cut end mops and many more. Flat heads come under dry swabs category and these are used for cleaning dirt particles. Flat heads are comfortable with all kinds of floors such as tiles, marbles, hardwood and more. These are easy to use and are light in weight. Looped end types are the most common for wet wiping. These are little expensive, but very effective in cleaning. You can finish mopping in less time with these wipes. Cut end mops are less expensive and contain disposable heads. These are good to clean the corners dust. All these mops are made with removable head strands, so that you can change the swab head whenever required.

Usually, these are made of cotton, synthetic, sponge, plastic wires, micro fiber cloth and many other materials. Cotton is the preferable one among all these materials. It is soft to handle and does not cause any rashes on your palms while wringing. These days, microfiber cloth is gaining popularity. It is very absorptive in nature and removes all germs. It is effective in wet wiping, as it can remove the hard stains easily. This microfiber cloth is used for both dry and wet mopping to remove bacteria on the floor. It is advisable for all kinds of floors. Microfiber functions as a cotton material with more absorption power. These are easily washable with both hands and machine. It comes with height adjustment and removable mop head.

These days, many varieties of mops are coming with the wringing mechanism. These are useful for large function halls and open halls. This takes less time for entire house cleaning. These swabs come with buckets, which have wringing mechanism. You can easily clean the corners of the house. These are available in all kinds of store and super markets. So, grab one, which can fulfill your cleaning needs.

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