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Importance of Heated Towel Rails

by davein

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The bathroom is one of the wettest places of your home. All the water that gets used up in the room is quite much and without proper drainage, you could get a serious water problem. Apart from all the water, one thing that also is accustomed with the bath area is dampness and cold. Different atmospheric temperatures contradict each other leading to a lot of water molecules in the air and on surfaces. This is more so in the cold season. In such times, the cold is also a serious issue for anyone taking a bath. Therefore, there is importance for better and more reliable heating solutions to ensure the bath area is warm and dry.


One of the best bathroom heating solutions apart from radiators is the heated towel rails. These heating options are a functional, designers approach to ensure that you have a cosier bath area.  The overall design of the towel rails is to serve several purposes all at once. These are some of the uses of the heated towel rail:


Warming and drying towels

As you step out a bathroom, you need a towel to dry yourself. Once done, the towel is all wet and damp and may need to be dried for use the next time around. In the winter time, you cannot go hang the towel outside. This is where the heated towel rails come into perspective. They are used to hang wet or damp towels and have them dried up. They also warm towels that are already hanged on them ensuring that you get to use a warm, soft towel immediately after your hot shower.


Heating the bathroom

The heated towel rails are also used to heat the bathroom. They are designed to emanate heat just radiators do. The rails of the appliance are connected to your central heating and are heated according to the temperatures you wish them to reach. The heated towel rail system ensures that the air around the bath is heated and dried as the currents circulating are warm.


Improve appearance of your bathroom

As the bathroom is a part of your home, it needs to be well designed to match with your overall design. Heated towel rails can be used to boost your bathroom’s appeal. Acquiring and installing an outstanding heated rail system will boost the overall outlook of the room.


Heated towel rails are plenty in the market and come in designer brands from outstanding bathroom heater makers. To get a wide array of products to choose from, consider visiting trade plumbing company’s showroom for a variety of options from trusted makers that you can acquire for use.

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